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(interested in booking: old-school hardcore, emo-violence, grindcore, thrash-punk, black metal, d-beat, post-hardcore, doom metal, gloomy experimental stuff, etc.)

Wess has been booking shows in Birmingham (un)professionally since 2006 and has been playing music locally in various capacities since 2005. He has a job and a mortgage and often laments how not punk-rock that is. During his free time Wess is usually watching Taxi Driver or digging graves in his basement.

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contact: offline

Michael is taking a break from booking to focus on operations over at The Firehouse. His current projects include Bitter Calm (sad rock), Tohu Va (experimental electronic duo), and Seriously (post-punk/new-wave trio). Feel free to hit up any of his bands through their social media pages if you want to book a show with them!  

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(interested in booking hip-hop of different styles and iterations, as well as some electronic r&b)

David is a hip-hop head that has been getting more intimate with the broader spectrum of Birmingham music since 2013. Introduced to it all by performing with several different hip-hop groups, and under several aliases, he now seeks to see the diversity of Birmingham's music scene become the backbone for its growth across all genres.



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