Black Tongue Booking

Birmingham's newest booking company, Black Tongue Booking, offers tour management and promotional services for the bands on their roster.

Ran by LaShunda Simpson, Amber Ritchie, and Lindsey Shante, Amber expressed feeling the need for Black Tongue's type of service in Birmingham. It aims for its bands to be able to show up to the venue with everything else taken care of, meaning that Black Tongue handles all correspondence on behalf of the artists and secures the venue, supporting bands, and promotional aspects. 

Ritchie expounded on her personal vision, explaining that she envisions Birmingham's bands, as well as the city's general music scene, continuing to grow and be taken more seriously as a tour stop, through more professional as well as DIY representation. Long term, she hopes Black Tongue can expand to other cities, including branching to other booking agencies, and opening a performance space in the future.

Their scope of services also broadens into the community. Since their January launch party at Trim Tab Brewery, they've hosted benefits for Girls Rock Birmingham and the West Alabama Clinic Defenders. Amber highlighted those being organizations that she personally loves, adding that the focus on local fxmmx-centered non-profits being in light of recent pending changes in women's rights and women's access to healthcare. 

For some future event plans, they're planning an immigrant rights benefit, in addition to aiding The Beautiful Bodies of Birmingham Project for their annual fundraiser-anniversary party. Amber also wants to curate an event benefiting the Crisis Center and Rape Response, stating that she believes that helping local organizations has a great impact on the community and helps harbor attitudes of inclusion and unity.

With even more plans of future event collaborations with local label Communicating Vessels, the sponsor of their launch party, it's evident that Black Tongue is paving its pathway in both the music scene and into more parts of the general community. This is all at most a teaser of what's to come. 

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