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SHOW: Bambara/Wray/Black Hole Kids @ The Firehouse

The go-to adjective for Bambara's sound is “noisegaze,” and that’s only true to a point. The band have a very distinct method: the guitars and drums elevate the high end and level the low-end, but it’s the bass and the vocals that provide all the mid-range parts of the spectrum, resulting in a full and toxic sound. Even more baffling is their off-stage temperament: when they're not maniacally fuming or getting fireworks shot at them, these dudes are fucking sweethearts, masking their desire to make hellacious music with the Southern trademark of being laid-back and easygoing.

Wray are woozier and more majestic, with gently-gliding vocal melodies and a steadily-chugging rhythm that owes more to krautrock than it does punk or garage.

Black Hole Kids is mean music played by nice guys. They have a new record out.

$8 - All Ages / BYOB (if you're 21+)