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DISCO Film Club: Cyberpunk Double-Feature

  • Desert Island Supply Co. 5500 1st Avenue North Birmingham, AL, 35212 United States (map)

Every month, Desert Island Supply Co. will assemble DISCO's Film Club for a themed double feature in our space in Woodlawn.

All signs point to our dystopian fiction becoming our dystopian reality. Technology is integrally woven into our social, political, and economic lives, frequently for the worse, often beyond our control (or even our understanding). The whole of our society stands against the needs of the natural world. Our lives grow ever more concentrated into the crawling urban landscape. The super-elite have unveiled plans for colonies on Mars.

It is in this Earth moment that we present a double feature of cyberpunk sci-fi films from the 1980s: Blade Runner and Akira. Set in 2019 Los Angeles and 2019 Tokyo, respectively, these films are stories of resistance, of near-future metropoleis wrecked by public and personal violence, and of stunning production design and visual artistry.

Bring popcorn, or whatever androids eat at the movies. We will have all kinds of drinks for suggested donation prices.

4pm: Blade Runner
6pm: Akira

$2 one-time membership fee to join the DISCO Film Club.