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Ye Olde Avant Garde Workshop @ The Firehouse

  • Spring Street Firehouse 412 41st Street South Birmingham, AL, 35222 United States (map)

The players this evening are:
Shea Stevenson
Matt Whitson
J Whitson
David Hickox
Kevin Wright
Brad Davis

Bring your own table, if you need a table, and set your gear up first thing. Each person gets a maximum 20 minute set, though feel free to not take that entire time. After the set, we'll take 5 minutes or so to discuss for the audience to constructively critique the performance, with a maximum 10 minute changeover between performers. After everyone has played, we'll pick names from a hat and have 3 short improvised duo sets.

We're hoping this can be a regular, beneficial thing for people. Give folks who are experienced a chance to try out new ideas in front of a receptive group, and get useful feedback on it; and give new folks a chance to get comfortable with what they're doing in a low pressure environment.

Also, musically, this doesn't specifically have to be "noise," or "synths," or whatever. We're calling it "avant garde," so use your judgement about what that entails- it can be melodic, or not; it can be traditional instruments, or not.

>> RSVP This event is all-ages :)