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Ben Smolin Experience @ The Firehouse

  • Spring Street Firehouse (map)

RSVP: Ben Smolin Experience at the Firehouse

The Ben Smolin Experience at The Firehouse. 
For this show all willing participants are invited to dress as though they are going to watch a super-cool hipster indie band from the west coast play a show at a small-underground venue in avondale Alabama. Basically you want to look cool, hip, weird, and young. 

Doors open at 9:00PM. 
The Ben Smolin Experience will begin playing at 10:00PM sharp.
There is no opening band. 
Tickets are $15.00. Cash only. 
There are only 85-90 total tickets available at the door. 
First come, first served, there is no pre-sale. (You are welcome to come at 9:00PM and get your tickets and come back at 10:00PM if you wish.) 
There are no drinks available for sale at the Firehouse. If you are twenty-one or over you are welcome to bring your own adult beverages. 

A personalized message from Ben Smolin: 
I am aware that the tickets are $15.00 and that is not cheap. However I think it is important that you know that this money goes 100% towards the show and if there is anything left over, I use that money to pay the band and the soundguy/venue. I have never once actually made money on a show and most likely I never will. These shows are meant to be true experiences and there are numerous props, costumes, and other such things that cost money to make and/or buy. It is totally your decision as to whether this show is worth your time and money. And I know that not everyone has $15.00 that they can afford to spend on a show. However when you walk in the door you can be certain that I have spent months of time and hundreds of dollars of my personal money, to ensure that this show will be an experience that you will never forget.