NEOTERIC AMBIENCE: Balcony View - Technological Eschatology

Balcony View has been a mainstay in Birmingham’s experimental scene for the last half decade. The sole mastermind behind the project, J. C. Bridges has brought a rich diversity to the local DIY community both by offering his expansive soundscapes to eclectic show-bills or curating events featuring traveling artists from around the country.

Bridges’ employs a variety of techniques and instrumentation to create his music. If almost by a stroke of magic he can manipulate a guitar with a bow or loop ambient chimes to create haunting drones. As he constantly toys with his approach, it’s hard to predict the means in which Bridges’ will craft his work. On Technological Eschatology, Balcony View’s music was conceptualized with “source sounds generated using analog and digital synthesizers, violin and magnetic tape manipulation”. It’s a fantastic album that will find you well during meditative evenings.

Balcony View begins tour today to in support of Technological Eschatology, out now on Step Pepper Records.

10/15 Macon, GA
10/17 Valdosta, GA
10/19 Atlanta, GA
10/21 Nashville, TN
10/22 Louisville, KY
10/23 Lexington, KY
10/24 Dayton, OH
10/25 Columbus, OH
10/26 Mansfield, OH
10/27 Detroit, MI
10/28 Toronto, ON
10/30 Brooklyn, NY
10/31 Brooklyn, NY
11/1 Philadelphia, PA
11/2 Baltimore, MD
11/3 Richmond, VA
11/4 Charlotte, NC
11/5 Chattanooga, TN