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DIY Bham Prom: The 1980's @ The Firehouse
7:00 PM19:00

DIY Bham Prom: The 1980's @ The Firehouse

>>RSVP This event is all-ages / 21+ BYOB.

DIY Birmingham's 2018 Prom is going to be TOTALLY 80'S. Hair metaling, Back to the Futuring, mushroom-eating mayhem will be going down on May 26th. The beef is at the Firehouse. Wear your totally gnarly 80's gear and motor yourself over to a righteous party that will take your breath away.

Rigid, yet smooooth Birmingham rockers. They will take care of your New Order/Tears for Fears/Orange Juice fix.

- 80'S COVER SET -
"A cover of a cover undercover" What does it all mean? All we know is that it will be totally 80's...

Totally tubular DJ's spinning totally 80's tunes for the people. "What's your damage you non-dancing nerd?"


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2017: A Prom Odyssey
7:30 PM19:30

2017: A Prom Odyssey

Spaceship Earth has made one full rotation around the sun since the last time you could turn your lil eyeballs skywards to observe Aries chillin out there in the night sky. 

What that means, friends, is that PROM season is upon us once more! We've got a real star-gazing, rocket-riding, moon-promenading event planned for you this year! 

*There will be snacks, a photo booth for you to ham it up in, and musical entertainment provided by the following friendly earthlings:


**This year we're selling tickets in advance at Sanctum Comics & Tattoos and Seasick Records. $10 a piece, cash only. Don't forget your date! 

DIY Birmingham is donating 100% of our proceeds from this show to Andy Hill to aid in the expenses of his recovery. 

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Waves of Woodlawn- Sound Edge Festival
5:00 PM17:00

Waves of Woodlawn- Sound Edge Festival

>>RSVP This event is all-ages:)

Spend an evening wandering in and out of the various spaces that call Woodlawn home. Communicating Vessels, Club Duquette, Cycle Café and Step Pepper Records are among those who will open their doors for you to enjoy curated sensory experiences through sound, light & even scent! 
Club Duquette presents:
Rorey Carroll at 8pm - "Love Is an Out­law is a di­verse palate of life, love and hard-learned lessons; full of empty rooms and emp­tier hearts, with Car­rol­l's voice fill­ing each and every void with its per­fectly ragged nu­ance and dead-hon­est lyri­cism" - Amer­i­can Song­writer
"The soul­ful folk-coun­try sounds of up and comer Rorey Car­roll will make you feel alive again" - Cul­ture mag­a­zine

DIY label Step Pepper opens its doors for an evening of experimental underground music. Experience the intersection of music and technology, sight and sound, with live music and digital art installations, featuring musical performances starting at 7pm by:
- Television Romeo
- Balcony View
- Tyler Ambrosius
- Spores
- In Snow
- Farris & Fahy

Communicating Vessels presents:
HypeOtenuse feat. The Green Seed at 7pm - experimental hip hop
Men's Renewal at 9pm - Born out of the inability to stay still, Men’s Renewal is an exercise in motion, momentum and, of course, repetition. From the ground up, open-ended, ambient leaning but techno driven pieces are built with a gaining intensity through subtle percussive shifts and cascading sound walls ranging from ominous to auspicious, all inevitably plateauing at a height that is TBD.

Motion. Momentum. Repeat.

VIP FESTIVAL PASSES available here:

This event is free and open to the public. The orchestra will not be performing at this event.

The Sound Edge Festival is presented by Medical Properties Trust.

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Keep The Change, You Filthy Animals! @ DISCO
8:00 PM20:00

Keep The Change, You Filthy Animals! @ DISCO

~~~~~ O N E N I G H T O N L Y ~~~~~

Putting Rockefeller Center to shame bc this will be lit af

Men's Renewal
DJ Everything Happens for a Reason
Groove Dude

Funk. House. Tropicalia. Exotica. Soul. Techno.

Doors: 8 (this is when you show up)
Show: 9 (this is when everyone will be here and it wil be time to turn up)
Until: whenever we all decide to pack up and go hang out at Parkside or something- maybe 12:30-1ish?lol

A portion of da proceeds will go to the friends familis and victims of the awful fire that destroyed the Ghost Ship in Oakland, CA. DIY spots are crucial to the livelihood of music, art, freak, queer, poc and all groups marginalized by "making America great again." We know Birmingham wouldn't be as special of a place without the DIY spots we all call home. That's why we are supporting those most closely affected bc it could have been any of us in any of the places we love and we are all very fortunate to be cool and ok < 3

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Homeshake / Holly Waxwing / Rollo @ The Firehouse
8:00 PM20:00

Homeshake / Holly Waxwing / Rollo @ The Firehouse

>>RSVP This event is all-ages:)

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Seasick Records 3 Year Anniversary & Canned Food Drive
6:00 PM18:00

Seasick Records 3 Year Anniversary & Canned Food Drive

Seasick Records turns three on November 3rd and they're celebrating on November 4th with cake, drinks, and music

6:00 PM - DJ Merlin
7:00 PM - Errol Stubbs
8:00 PM - Suaze
8:45 PM - DJ Sinkhole
9:30 PM - Blood On The Knobs

They'll also be hosting our third annual canned food drive to benefit local homeless shelters. Every two cans that you donate will get you a ticket for the raffle, which gives you a chance to win various prizes including a free record every month for a year; (no limit to the amount of cans you can donate).

RSVP >> This event is all-ages :)

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Scare Your Face Off Fest VII @ Saturn
8:00 PM20:00

Scare Your Face Off Fest VII @ Saturn

DIY Birmingham is providing Halloween festivities with cover sets of your old favorites by Birmingham's finest musicians. It's a costume party! Dress up and get a discount at the door. Ghouls with the creepiest costumes get prizes!

Featured music will include tributes to:
The Smiths
The Stooges
Dead Kennedys
At The Drive-In
The Breeders

Perfomances inlcude members of Bulging, Snake Church, Son Eyes, Massimo Eddy, Fad, Freaky Deakys, Capsized, Laughing Sword, and Bad Example mixing and matching with each other to create special one-time lineups for what promises to be a ghastly evening.

>>RSVP This event is not all ages :(

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Youth On Silver Halide @ Below
7:00 PM19:00

Youth On Silver Halide @ Below

Film Photography Expo featuring Brian Arnold, Kelsey Harrison, Wes Frazer, Mateo Montoya, Byron Sonnier, Susan Veneer, William Web, and Elliott Moe

>>RSVP This event is all-ages :) Text "1476" to 31996 for more information.

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Underground Dance Music Night @ The Firehouse
to Feb 7

Underground Dance Music Night @ The Firehouse

>>RSVP This event is all-ages :)

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